Charles Péguy

A new online home for the Dreyfusard, playwrite, publisher, writer, editor, provacateur, poet, and mystic.

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Sneak Preview of What's to Come

You can find a few of Charles Péguy's work that has already been edited and translated.

Lettre Du Provincial

The first piece published in the first Cahier de la Quinzaine.



About this Site


Our mission is to bring all of Charles Péguy's prose and poetry into easily accessible and readable French and English. While the full site is being built and the works are edited and translated for online use, we will post various excerpts here. If you are interested in helping out in this work or helping to start an American branch of the Amitié Charles Péguy, please contact us below.

Future Features

Péguy was an editor and printer as much as a writer, and we hope to take the typesetting of his work seriously. .



Each work is individually transcribed from the Public Domain Cahiers de la Quinzaine.



Each PDF in French and English will include pagination from the La Pléiade edition of Péguy's works.



Each work will be translated into English and we will publish in draft form.



Each work will be designed to be easily read online or to be printed in handy 5"x8" format


For more information or to be a part of bringing more of Péguy's texts to light,

please email us at wilson dot pruitt at gmail dot com.